The published short fiction of Frank Summers:

More Scary Kisses
More Scary Kisses

A super nerd (with a life-size Star Trooper body armor sitting in his apartment to prove it ) falls for a beautiful woman  he has known for some time from tango class.  He learns her terrible secret on their first date in “Dances with Werewolves”, a humorous tale in “More Scary Kisses,” edited by Liz Grzyb and published by Ticonderoga Publications. Also, check out this review of “More Scary Kisses” in Publisher’s Weekly.

What happens when a beautiful young alien lands her flying Airstream RV in the middle of dairy country deep in the heart of Texas?   Read my story  Mr. Big’s Little Secret in Ink Oink Art Inc.’s anthology, “Escape Clause, The App!” to find out. This anthology was created especially for the iPhone and was originally available from tie iTunes store. You can download it now from Amazon for $0.99.

Silver Moon Bloody Bullets
Silver Moon, Bloody Bullets

The clock is ticking for werewolf hunter Nick Starkley. Weaponless and nursing a nasty werewolf bite, Nick finds himself in a deserted log cabin searching for anything he can use to slay a werewolf before he himself changes into the one thing he loathes the most. He discovers his only chance is to draw upon the strength of the hated beast he is moments from becoming.  “The Beast Within” is now available  in the anthology, “Silver Moon, Bloody Bullets: An Anthology of Werewolf Tails” from Pill Hill Press.

A Bubba in Time Saves None!

In “Buffalo Bubba’s Wild West Show“, Billy Ray Cody (Buffalo Bill Cody’s descendent from the future) travels back in time only to unwittingly place his great, great, great, great grandpa in a moonshine-induced coma.  When the “show must go on” who else but Billy Ray Cody can fill Buffalo Bill’s shoes? “Buffalo Bubba’s Wild West Show” appears in “A Bubba in Time Saves None!” This latest “Bubbas of the Apocalypse” anthology is now available from Yard Dog Press. Get your copy today!

Desolation Springs Eternal
Desolation Springs Eternal

Desolation Springs Eternal is a short story about Tinman, a lonley robot on a deserted lunar base, who must decide which of his contradictory programming directives to obey in order to fulfill his ultimate mission. You can find this story at Amazon for $0.99.